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Neurology/Child Neurology

Training directors and coordinators are required to use the ABPN preCERT® Credentialing System, an electronic data gathering system for resident demographics and training information, to verify the training residents have completed. This information is required in order for a resident to apply for a certification examination. It is not intended to be a complete tracking system, such as myEvaluations or New Innovations. The information collected by the preCERT® system is the same information that would previously have been included in the letters sent to the ABPN Credentials Department. Additionally, the system allows for accurate data collection and reporting as required by the Residency Review Committee.

The ABPN encourages training programs to use this system for their residents. Once a resident’s demographic information has been entered into the system, maintaining and updating their contact information can be accomplished quickly. Likewise, updating rotations, completing postgraduate years, and recording completion of clinical skills evaluations are all pieces of data that are entered into the preCERT® system.

The ABPN encourages the programs to enter the residents’ information into preCERT® as soon as the resident has entered the residency program.

Submit the ABPN preCERT® Credentialing System Form to activate a new preCERT® account, update user information or retrieve a username or password.

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