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Paramjit T. Joshi, MD

Posted on January 14th, 2020 by Cathy Szmurlo

Dr. Joshi is Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and Director of the Child & Adolescent Fellowship Program. As an ABPN Director, Dr. Joshi serves on the Executive Committee as Board Chair, Chair of the Psychiatry Council, and as Chair of the Bylaws, Nominating Committee for Officers, Psychiatry Appeals Review, Irregular Behavior, and Disability Accommodations Committees. She is Vice Chair of the Alternative Pathways Oversight and Continuing Certification Article Assessment-CAP Committees. She is a liaison to AACAP and is also on the Task Force on Continuing Certification (with AACAP). In addition, Dr. Joshi serves on the Communications, Finance, Investment, and Strategic Planning Committees. Dr. Joshi has held several national leadership positions as President of the Society of Professors of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and of AACAP. She is a Distinguished Fellow of the APA and the AACAP.