George A. Keepers, MD

Posted on January 30th, 2015 by abpn

Dr. Keepers is the Carruthers Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. He is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the APA and a Fellow of the American College of Psychiatry and serves on the College‚Äôs Board of Regents. As an ABPN Director, Dr. Keepers serves as Board Chair, Chair of the Psychiatry Council and as Chair of ten committees: Bylaws, Nomination for 2019 Officers, Core Competencies, Review Appeals-Psychiatry, Irregular Behavior, Disability Accommodations, International Examination, Certification Examination Combined-Psychiatry, Certification Examination Combined-Basic Neurology and Neuroscience Subcommittee, and Delegates to the RRC-Psychiatry. Dr. Keepers is also Chair of the Task Force on Pool Question Reclassification-Psychiatry. He is a member of committees on Communications, Finance, Investment, and Strategic Planning for the ABPN. Dr. Keepers is also the liaison to the AACDP. Dr. Keepers’ earliest research interests included the psychopharmacological treatments of schizophrenia and side effects of these treatments, acute extra-pyramidal side effects (dystonia, akathisia and parkinsonism), tardive dyskinesia, and other aspects of neuropsychiatry and neuropsychopharmacology. His current clinical and research interests continue to be in the field of neuropsychiatry. A former program director, his contribution to psychiatric education continues through his participation in the ACGME Psychiatry RRC of which he is the immediate past Chair; the ACGME Milestones project, and the ACGME Task Forces revising the Common Program Requirements. Dr. Keepers co-chairs the second Task Force.

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