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Topic Categories and Professional Journal Article Lists

Below are the topic categories and article lists for the four certifications currently available in the Pilot Project. Subspecialty certifications will become available for the Article Based Continuing Certification (ABCC) pathway in 2022. Click on the link to view certification topics and/or article lists as pdf documents:

Available Certifications Topic Categories Journal Article Lists w/ Links
Psychiatry Psychiatry Topics Psychiatry Articles
Neurology Neurology Topics Neurology Articles
Child Neurology Child Neurology Topics Child Neurology Articles
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Topics Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Articles
Addiction Psychiatry (2022) Addiction Psychiatry Topics Addiction Psychiatry ABCC Articles
Clinical Neurophysiology (2022) Clinical Neurophysiology Topics Clinical Neurophysiology ABCC Articles
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (2022) Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Topics Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry ABCC Articles
Epilepsy (2022) Epilepsy Topics Epilepsy ABCC Articles
Forensic Psychiatry (2022) Forensic Psychiatry Topics Forensic Psychiatry ABCC Articles
Geriatric Psychiatry (2022) Geriatric Psychiatry Topics Geriatric Psychiatry ABCC Articles
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (2022) Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Topics Neurodevelopmental Disabilities ABCC Articles
Neuromuscular Medicine (2022) Neuromuscular Medicine Topics Neuromuscular Medicine ABCC Articles
Vascular Neurology (2022) Vascular Neurology Topics Vascular Neurology ABCC Articles

Diplomates are also invited to submit professional journal articles for possible inclusion within the Article Based Continuing Certification (ABCC) pathway in 2022.

Some or all of these articles may be protected by copyright. Please refer to the publisher’s copyright notice and policies.

Note that the article lists with links provided are one option for obtaining journal articles. Reviewing designated articles through other means, including hard copies, is also acceptable for the Pilot Project/ABCC. Articles and fee structures listed on this website are subject to change.

When accessing articles from publisher websites, we recommend that you download a copy of a file once and consult that copy when taking exams. Some sites may limit the amount of articles that you can access per month without a subscription; in those cases, downloading an article repeatedly may cause you to be blocked from accessing any articles until the next month begins.

If you are a member of a professional society (AACAP, AAN, APA, CNS), you may need to first log-in to your professional society’s website to allow the full article to appear.

Note for AACAP members: If you are an AACAP member, log in to your AACAP member account to access the Pilot Project articles available with your membership at If you need assistance, please contact For questions about JAACAP or your member subscription, contact

Note for AAN members: As of 2021, all articles selected from the journal Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology are free to AAN members.

Note for APA members and ABPN diplomates: APA offers Category 1 CME credit for their Pilot Project articles. The articles are complimentary to all diplomates via an ABPN educational grant. Participants need to access the articles through an APA account. If you need assistance, please contact

Cost Categories

There are three categories of cost for Pilot Project/ABCC journal articles:

  1. No Cost: You will be able to access and read the article without needing to pay a fee. (Note: a few articles may require that you register on a website before providing access to an article).
  2. Free to (AACAP, AAN, APA, CNS) Members: These articles are not open access, but are included free if you are a member of the noted professional organization.
  3. Purchase May Be Required: These articles are presently located behind a paywall. In order to access online, you will need to buy the article or have a subscription to the journal.

For articles that are listed as “Purchase May Be Required,” you may be able to access by other means:

  • If you are affiliated with a hospital or other medical institution, you may be able to access through their library.
  • You may be able to access for free or for a small fee through a local public library.
  • If you have a nearby medical school, you may be able to access through their library.

If the cost category for an article changes, we will update the list. Details about the Pilot Project, including the number of mini-examinations required for successful completion, can be found on this website in the Pilot Project FAQs. Details about the ABCC pathway will be available later in 2021.