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The ABPN is providing early access to the list of professional journal articles currently being used as a basis for the MOC Part III Pilot Project mini-exams. Exam questions related to each article will become available to Pilot Project participants beginning on January 15, 2019.

Note that the article links are offered as one option for obtaining journal articles. Reviewing designated articles through other means, including hard copies, is also acceptable for the Pilot Project. The articles and fee structures listed on this website are subject to change.

Below are lists of articles for the four certifications currently available. Click on the link to view the list of articles associated with each certification topic:

Within each article list, topic categories are differentiated by color blocks to help users distinguish between them. Journal information and links to article abstracts are included.

If you are a member of a professional society (AACAP, AAN, APA, CNS), you may need to first log-in to your professional society’s website to allow the full article to appear.

Note for AACAP members: if you are having trouble accessing AACAP articles, please contact either AACAP Member Services at 212-966-7300 ext. 2400 or consult this guide to accessing the AACAP journal (provided by JAACAP).

Cost Categories

There are three categories of cost for Pilot Project journal articles:

  1. No Cost: These articles are currently open access. You will be able to access and read the article without needing to pay a fee. (Note: a few articles may require that you register on a website before providing access to an article).
  2. Free to (AACAP, AAN, APA, CNS,) Members: These articles are not open access, but are included free if you are a member of the noted professional organization.
  3. Purchase May Be Required: These articles are presently located behind a paywall. In order to access online, you will need to buy the article or have a subscription to the journal.

For articles that are listed as “Purchase May Be Required,” you may be able to access by other means:

  • If you are affiliated with a hospital or other medical institution, you may be able to access through their library.
  • You may be able to access for free or for a small fee through a local public library.
  • If you have a nearby medical school, you may be able to access through their library.

If the cost category for an article changes, we will update the list. Details about the Pilot Project, including the number of mini-examinations required for successful completion, can be found on this website in the Pilot Project FAQs.

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