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Non-CME Self-Assessment Activity Options

ABPN is not a CME provider. While non-CME Self-Assessment waiver options on the lists below contribute to the Self-Assessment requirement of the ABPN MOC Program, they are NOT recognized by state medical licensing boards as Category-1 CME credits.

The ABPN may waive eight Self-Assessment CME credits through completion of specific non-CME Self-Assessment activities. A maximum of 16 Self-Assessment CME credits may be waived per MOC block with two different types of non-CME Self-Assessment activities (see below) or for successful completion of the MOC Part III Pilot Project.

  • Diplomates in the C-MOC Program must complete the approved non-CME Self-Assessment activity during the current 3-year block for which they are earning non-CME Self-Assessment credit.
  • Diplomates in the 10-year MOC Program, who are due to recertify in 2020-2021, must complete the non-CME Self-Assessment Activities within the three years prior to applying for the MOC examination.

Use our wizard to learn if you have already earned credit with a Non-CME Self-Assessment activity:

Non-CME Self-Assessment Activity Options Wizard


Eight Self-Assessment CME credits (or 16 for the Pilot Project only) will be waived for EACH of the following activity options:

These options require no preapproval by the ABPN:

  • Passing an ABPN certification or MOC exam within the current MOC block;
  • Peer-reviewed journal article that has the status of ‘Indexed for MEDLINE’ on the MEDLINE database. See psychiatry and neurology article examples;
  • Participate in an approved registry such as the Axon Registry from the American Academy of Neurology or the PsychPRO Registry from the American Psychiatric Association;
  • Successful completion of the ABPN MOC Part III Pilot Project. Diplomates who successfully complete the Pilot Project can waive a maximum of 16 Self-Assessment (SA) CME credits for the current block they are in:
    • Diplomates in the 10-Year Program (due for recertification in 2020-2021) can count the credits for 16 out of the 24 SA CME credits needed for recertification OR towards the first 3-year block of requirements. If the participant successfully completes all 30 article exams prior to their September 1st application deadline, they can then count the 16 SA credits towards the 24 SA credit requirement needed for recertification.
    • Diplomates already in the C-MOC Program can count successful completion of all 30 article exams in the Pilot Project for 16 out of the 24 SA credits needed for the current block they are in, during the year of their Pilot Project deadline.

These options must be submitted to the ABPN at for preapproval:

  • Approved scientific grant application (funding not required), with documented peer review/feedback, formal approval letter and/or priority score statement (i.e. Summary Statement with priority score from NIH, etc.), and significant/major contribution to the grant writing. Fellowship Awards do not qualify for scientific grant credit;
  • Four hours of supervision from a supervisor or peer with written feedback about the diplomate’s clinical performance, medical knowledge and patient care;
    • Supervision activity similar to faculty to resident peer supervision
    • Involves diplomates presenting clinical cases to peer(s) and receiving detailed feedback on the care provided to specific patients
    • Must be documented and signed by the supervisor
  • Formal institutional peer review committee with written feedback about the diplomate’s clinical performance, medical knowledge and patient care;
    • Reviews the clinical care a diplomate provides patients and gives written feedback
    • Keyed to review a specific medical condition or patient type
    • Typically a chart review/QI process of diplomate clinical performance by a formal review committee at an institution.

Note: Item writing and teaching/supervision do not count as approved non-CME SA activities.

Diplomates are required to use only ABPN-Approved Self-Assessment activities. The ABPN will approve additional activities over time and reserves the right to approve or reject any course or guideline submitted for approval.

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Read our MOC Booklet for more information.