Self-Assessment (SA)

Diplomates of the ABPN are required to participate in ABPN-approved Self-Assessment activities relevant to either their specialty and/or subspecialty. Self-Assessment activities are a specific type of CME activity that assist physicians in recognizing their current knowledge base in order to identify specific topics for gaining further knowledge.

  • Diplomates in the Continuing Certification (CC) program must complete at least eight CME per year, averaged over three years (24 Self-Assessment CME credits for each 3-year block).
  • Diplomates in the 10-Year MOC program must complete at least 24 Self-Assessment CME credits prior to applying for recertification.
  • Self-Assessment activities must be selected from the ABPN Approved CC Activities List since not all Category 1 CME activities meet specific Self-Assessment activity requirements.
  • Choose from the following to complete Self-Assessment activities:
    • Select activities from the ABPN Approved CC Activities List.  Some no-cost or reduced cost ABPN-approved activities on the list are available to members through their professional society.
    • Earn credit for up to two different types of Non-CME Self-Assessment Activity Options.
      • Diplomates in the CC program must complete the approved non-CME Self-Assessment activity during the block for which they are earning non-CME Self-Assessment credit.
      • Diplomates in the 10-Year MOC program, who are due to recertify in 2020-2021, must complete the non-CME Self-Assessment Activities within the three years prior to applying for the MOC examination.
    • Complete Self-Assessment (Part II) activities under the auspices of an International Certification Organization (e.g. RCPS-C) that meets the ABPN MOC requirements; submit for preapproval.

Use our wizard to learn if you have already earned credit with a Non-CME Self-Assessment activity:

Non-CME Self-Assessment Activity Options Wizard


Non-CME Self-Assessment Activity Options

ABPN Approved CC Activities List

Read our MOC Booklet for more information.