Patient or Peer Feedback Module

Diplomates now choose ONE Clinical Module OR Feedback Module activity to complete the PIP Unit.

Learn details for completing a Feedback Module activity with this short video:
Completing a Feedback Module Video

With a Feedback Module, preapproval is not needed if the questionnaire/survey meets general competencies. The six general competencies to be reviewed on the feedback forms are interpersonal and communications skills, medical knowledge, patient care, practice-based learning and improvement, professionalism, and system-based practices.

A diplomate can collect feedback using ONE of the following options:

  • Select a Feedback Module from the ABPN Approved Products List
  • Collect patient* feedback from five patients
  • Collect peer** feedback from five peers
  • Collect resident evaluations from five respondents
  • Collect 360 degree evaluations from five respondents
  • Obtain institutional peer reviews from five respondents or
  • Obtain a supervisor evaluation from one supervisor

Model feedback forms are available on the ABPN Approved Products List at no cost.

How to complete the Feedback Module

Step A: Initial assessment of patient or peer feedback

  • Diplomates must obtain personal performance feedback from either their peers or patients regarding their own clinical activity during the previous three years.
  • Diplomates choose ONE type of feedback from one of the approved Feedback Modules.

Step B: Identify and implement improvement

  • Based on results from feedback, diplomates must then identify opportunities for improvement to the effectiveness and/or efficiency in their practice as related to the general competencies and take steps to implement improvements as needed.
  • If no areas for improvement are determined based on initial assessment, then maintenance of performance in medical practice should be reassessed in Step C.

Step C: Reassessment of patient or peer feedback

  • Within 24 months of initial assessment, collect data from another set of the same or different patients or peers.
  • Use the same feedback option for the initial assessment and reassessment steps.

* Patients may include those for which the diplomate supervises the care of another provider (e.g., resident).

**Peers may include other professional healthcare staff such as counselors, nurses, physicians, psychologists, and social workers.

General Information

  • Please allow ample time to complete the PIP Unit (Steps A, B and C).
  • Use the same feedback option for the initial assessment and reassessment steps.
  • One PIP Unit is required every 3 years for the C-MOC Program.
  • ABPN does not collect patient or peer data. If audited, ABPN will require that diplomates explain how they carried out the Improvement in Medical Practice Unit and submit information about their process and improvement plan. The ABPN Audit Guidelines for Diplomates document lists the documentation needed in the event of an audit.

Note: Only those diplomates in the 2013-2015 C-MOC block must complete BOTH a Clinical Module and a Feedback Module (patient or peer survey) for that specific C-MOC block.

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