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Improvement in Medical Practice (PIP)

This quality improvement exercise is designed for clinically active physicians to identify and implement areas for improvement within one’s own practice. Diplomates satisfy the PIP by completing ONE of the following:

Clinical Module:

Review of one’s own patient charts on a specific topic (diagnosis, types of treatment, etc.).

Feedback Module:

Obtain personal feedback from either peers or patients regarding your own clinical performance using questionnaires or surveys.

Each Module consists of three steps to complete within a 24-month period:

  • Step A: Initial Assessment
  • Step B: Identify and Implement Improvement
  • Step C: Reassessment

General Information

  • Diplomates who are clinically active and/or engaged in consultative care will need to complete the PIP activity.  See the Clinical Activity Status page for information on how to update your clinical status.
  • Please allow ample time to complete the PIP activity (Steps A, B and C).
  • Use the same feedback option for the initial assessment and reassessment steps.
  • For the 10-year program, one PIP Activity is required and for the C-MOC program, one PIP activity is required every 3 years.
  • ABPN does not collect patient or peer data. If audited, ABPN will require that diplomates explain how they carried out the Improvement in Medical Practice activity and submit information about their process and improvement plan. See the ABPN Diplomate Audit section of this website for more information about audits.

Use our wizard to learn if you are already fulfilling the Clinical Module:

PIP Clinical Module Options Wizard


Learn options for completing a Clinical Module activity with this short video:


Learn details for completing a Feedback Module activity with this short video:


Improvement in Medical Practice (PIP) Handout

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