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Primary Certification Requirement Policy for Subspecialties

Effective July 2019,  those ABPN diplomates currently certified in a multidisciplinary subspecialty administered by an ABMS member board other than the ABPN now have the option of following the lead of the administering ABMS member board regarding their primary certification requirement.  Under this policy, requirements for diplomates who hold ABPN-administered subspecialties have not changed. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is the only ABPN-administered subspecialty which does not require maintenance of primary certification. Please refer to the requirements tables below.

Primary Certification Requirement for Subspecialties
Subspecialty Administrative Board Must Maintain Primary Certification?
Brain Injury ABPMR Yes
Hospice and Palliative Medicine ABIM No
Pain Medicine ABA No
Sleep Medicine ABIM No


Subspecialty Administrative Board Must Maintain Primary Certification?
Addiction Psychiatry ABPN Yes
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ABPN No
Clinical Neurophysiology ABPN Yes
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry ABPN Yes
Epilepsy ABPN Yes
Forensic Psychiatry ABPN Yes
Geriatric Psychiatry ABPN Yes
Neurocritical Care ABPN Yes
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities ABPN Yes
Neuromuscular Medicine ABPN Yes
Vascular Neurology ABPN Yes