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Lifetime Certificate Holders

Physicians certified in psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, neurology, or neurology with special qualification in child neurology before October 1, 1994 were granted lifetime certificates. Lifetime certificate status is reported as “Certified — Not meeting MOC requirements and not required to do so”.

Participation in the MOC program is not required for diplomates with lifetime certificates. However, credentialing requirements for hospitals, practice groups, and third-party payers may require evidence of continuous certification efforts. In addition, some states are considering the implementation of Maintenance of Licensure Programs, similar to the MOC program.

There are two pathways for Lifetime Certificate holders to voluntarily participate in the MOC program:

  1. Diplomates can apply for and take a MOC examination and be automatically enrolled in C-MOC upon passing the MOC examination. Lifetime certificate holders do not need to complete MOC requirements prior to sitting for an MOC examination; OR
  2. Diplomates can elect to enroll in C-MOC, complete one block of MOC activity requirements [90 Category 1 CME, of which 24 need to come from Self-Assessment CME, one Patient Safety Activity and one Improvement in Medical Practice (PIP) Activity], and then pass the MOC exam within three years. These diplomates will be listed as “Meeting MOC Requirements” from the date they enroll in CMOC. To elect into C-MOC, diplomates need to follow the prompts to “Switch to the C-MOC program” in his/her ABPN Physician Folios account’s Maintenance of Certification section, under the MOC Guide tab. The C-MOC enrollment fee of $175 will be credited towards the first annual fee payment. Each annual fee applies a 10% credit to a single MOC exam.

Lifetime certificate holders who voluntarily participate in the MOC program and do not pass the MOC examination will retain their lifetime certificate. Lifetime certificate holders who do not participate in MOC will be reported to the ABMS and on the ABPN website as, ‘Certified-not meeting MOC requirements and not required to do so’.

For additional information, see our MOC Booklet.