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10-Year MOC Program

The Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program reflects the Board’s commitment to lifelong learning throughout one’s profession to ensure excellence of patient care, and to encourage and support practice improvement. Diplomates who passed a certification or MOC exam prior to 2012 and are due for recertification in 2020-2021 are in the 10-Year MOC Program.

Diplomates in the 10-Year MOC Program who are not recertified before their certificates expire are no longer board certified in that area of certification.

All diplomates in the 10-Year MOC Program will be automatically enrolled in the Continuous MOC (C-MOC) Program upon passing the MOC exam. The 10-Year MOC Program will sunset in 2022.

General Requirements

10-Year MOC diplomates will pay for board certification and attest to completing MOC activities at the time they apply for the MOC exam. The activities can be in either one’s general specialty and/or subspecialty(ies). CME credits can be derived from any Category 1 CME credits relevant to one’s field of practice (they do not need to be ABPN-approved). Both the Self-Assessment (SA) and PIP activities must be ABPN-approved.

Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do for MOC if I have multiple certificates?

Diplomates who have multiple certifications only need to complete one set of MOC activity requirements (CME, SA, PIP).  The activities can be in either a general specialty and/or subspecialty field.  Diplomates still must take and pass the MOC exam for each certification.  Diplomates may now opt to sit for a Combined MOC exam.

How do I track/submit documentation of my credits if I'm in the 10-Year MOC Program?

Diplomates in the 10-Year MOC Program must retain documentation (certificates/transcripts) of their completed activities over a 10-year period. Diplomates will be required to attest to the completion of the activities when applying for an MOC exam. Diplomates do not need to submit documentation to the Board, or record activities in Physician Folios, unless they are audited. The ABPN Audit Guidelines for Diplomates document lists the documentation needed in the event of an audit.

Your ABPN Physician Folios account has an optional 'Activity Records' section to monitor the progress of completed activities.

What happens if I do not complete the MOC activities and/or sit for the MOC exam?

Diplomates in the 10-Year MOC Program who are not recertified before their certificates expire are no longer board certified in that area of certification. Once a former diplomate completes all MOC activity requirements and passes the MOC examination, he or she will regain certification status. Physicians with expired certificates who wish to recertify must meet the MOC activity requirements of the year in which they wish to take the MOC examination.

What happens if I fail the MOC examination?

Diplomates will be allowed to retake the examination within one year of the failed examination without change in Board certification status.  If the diplomate fails the MOC examination on the second attempt, he/she will be reported as "Not Certified".

Read our MOC Booklet for more information.