10-Year and C-MOC Programs

The ABPN currently has two active MOC programs and specific activity requirements exist for each:

  • The 10-Year MOC Program is for diplomates with time-limited certificates issued prior to 2012. These diplomates will be recertifying between 2020-2021. MOC activities must be completed before applying for the MOC examination.
  • The C-MOC Program or Continuous Maintenance of Certification is for diplomates who pass an exam (initial certification or MOC) in 2012 or later.

As mandated by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), the Board has developed an MOC program that includes four components:

Maintenance of Certification program participation includes meeting all four components of the MOC Program. Diplomates are only required to complete one set of MOC activity requirements (CME, SA and PIP activities) for all specialties/subspecialties in which a physician is certified.

Certification in ABPN subspecialties (with the exception of child and adolescent psychiatry) are dependent upon the primary specialty. Diplomates must maintain certification in their specialty in order to maintain certification in the area of subspecialization. ABPN diplomates currently certified in a multidisciplinary subspecialty administered by an ABMS member board other than the ABPN (Brain Injury, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Pain Medicine or Sleep Medicine) now have the option of following the lead of the administering ABMS member board regarding their primary certification requirement. See this page for more information.

Diplomates must sit for a MOC examination at least once every 10 years for each certification they hold. Diplomates who have multiple certifications may elect to take a Combined MOC exam.

Diplomates who do not maintain their certification according to the requirements of the MOC program in which they are enrolled are no longer certified.

Diplomates are required to update their Clinical Activity Status information in their Folios account ‘Diplomates Information and Status” section.

With the end of the 10-year MOC program, the ABPN will no longer issue Continuing Certification certificates. All certificates issued from 2012 to the present do not have an expiration date as certification is dependent upon meeting all ongoing continuing certification program requirements (CME, Self-Assessment, PIP, licensure, fees, etc.). Without expiration dates on certificates, there is no reason to print additional certificates for diplomates who remain certified in good standing. Diplomates can visit their ABPN Physician Portal for free downloadable CC program status certificates. Verification letters also will be available for download in the future.

The ABPN will always continue to issue certificates for initial certification and for diplomates who are pursuing re-entry after a lapse in certification.

View the ABPN Guide to MOC and MOC Booklet for more information.