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Combined MOC Exams

Combined MOC examinations are available for physicians who wish to recertify in more than one specialty and/or subspecialty at the same time.

Combined MOC examinations allow the diplomate to select either two or three specialty or subspecialty areas in which they are certified, and take one MOC combined examination instead of two or three separate MOC examinations. Combined examinations consist of 100 questions from each specialty or subspecialty area.

Successful completion of the MOC Combined Exam is required of candidates seeking Maintenance of Certification in all of the specialties and/or subspecialties selected. To successfully complete this exam, a candidate must achieve an overall passing score on the entire examination. MOC modules are not passed or failed individually.

Only MOC examinations administered by ABPN are available in the combined examination format. The following MOC recertification examinations administered by other Boards are NOT available in the combined format:

  • Brain Injury Medicine
  • Hospice and Palliative Medicine
  • Pain Medicine
  • Sleep Medicine

See the Combined MOC Exams Handout for more information.