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ABMS Portfolio Program

The ABPN recognizes that many physicians already participate in quality improvement (QI) efforts in their local institutions. The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Portfolio Program is an alternative pathway for healthcare organizations that support physician involvement in QI and CC to have their QI efforts be approved for CC Part IV credit.

A list of Portfolio Program sponsors can be found on the ABMS Portfolio Program website. Physicians should contact the portfolio program manager at their institution for a list of approved projects.

ABPN Diplomates who successfully complete an approved QI program receive credit for one PIP Clinical Module. If the approved QI effort includes a patient or peer survey, ABPN Diplomates may also receive credit for one PIP Feedback Module. Diplomates are only required to complete ONE Clinical Module OR Feedback Module activity to complete the PIP activity.

Read our CC/MOC Booklet for more information.