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ABMS Member Board Reciprocal MOC Credit

ABPN diplomates who are currently completing Self-Assessment (Part II) and/or Improvement in Medical Practice (PIP/Part IV) requirements of another American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Member Board will also be able to claim that Self-Assessment (Part II) and/or Improvement in Medical Practice (PIP) credit for the ABPN MOC Program.

In order to maintain ABPN certification, diplomates will need to:

  • Satisfy all four components of MOC:
    1.   Maintain an active, full, unrestricted medical license;
    2.   Complete CME, Self-Assessment, and Patient Safety activities;
    3.   Complete an Improvement in Medical Practice (PIP ) activity;
    4.   Pass the ABPN MOC exam every 10 years or successfully complete the MOC Part III Pilot Project
  • Complete the reciprocal MOC credit during the current ABPN MOC block.
  • Provide documentation from the other board if audited.
  • If enrolled in the C-MOC program, attest to the reciprocal credit in the ‘Activity Attestation’ section of ABPN Physician Folios, and pay the annual fee.

Use our wizard to learn if Self-Assessment and Improvement in Medical Practice (PIP) credit from another ABMS Member Board will count towards ABPN MOC requirements:

MOC Credits from Another ABMS Board Wizard


Frequently Asked Questions About Reciprocal MOC Credit
My other Board does not require Part IV (PIP). Do I still have to complete Part IV for the ABPN MOC program?

Yes. Diplomates are required to complete all four components of the ABPN MOC program.

My other Board awards fellowship training credit for Part II and/or Part IV. Can I count that?

Diplomates who receive other board Part II and/or Part IV credit for completing training in an ACGME fellowship may not claim the credit to satisfy the ABPN Self-Assessment and/or PIP requirements until they pass the corresponding ABMS Member Board subspecialty examination.


Read our MOC Booklet for more information.