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ABPN Diplomate Audits

The ABPN will randomly audit approximately five percent of the applications submitted for the MOC examination and five percent of the diplomates in the C-MOC Program each year. Diplomates who are audited will receive an email detailing the documentation required as evidence of completion of required MOC activities (CME, Self-Assessment, Patient Safety and PIP activities).

Diplomates with expired or invalidated ABPN certificates will be audited upon re-entry into the ABPN certification process.

Diplomates will be notified of the audit at the beginning of the first year following completion of a three-year C-MOC block.

Once notified by the ABPN via email, diplomates will have 90 days to submit documentation of activities that have been attested to in ABPN Physician Portal but not verified. Sponsor-provided MOC activities are considered verified and will not require documentation. Self-recorded MOC activity records are not considered verified by the ABPN. Diplomates will be notified regarding the status of their audit within the 90-day audit window.

See the ABPN Audit Guidelines for Diplomates document on this website for more information about audits.