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Change in Certification Status Reporting

As of January 2012, the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) implemented new certification standards which specify that ongoing certification with ABPN is contingent upon meeting the requirements of Maintenance of Certification (MOC). Once a diplomate is certified or their current, time-limited certificate expires, these individuals are required to enroll in the Continuous Maintenance of Certification Program (C-MOC) and successfully complete specific requirements throughout ongoing MOC cycles to maintain certification. Accordingly, the ABPN no longer issues certificates with specific end dates to certification. See Change in ABPN Certification Status Reporting for more information.

Utilizing an Annual Reverification Date

The ABPN recognizes that some entities may still require a certification end date to complete verification. To assist in this process, we encourage credentialers to utilize an annual reverification date of March 1st in any given year. Please note, this date is not necessarily reflective of individual MOC requirements, nor does it indicate certification or MOC cycle end dates.

ABPN diplomate certification status will only change at the beginning of a specific year unless a certificate is invalidated or revoked for disciplinary reasons. Therefore, by utilizing the annual reverification date suggested, you will have accurate information about diplomate’s current certification status via the ABPN verifyCERT® system.

Lifetime Certification

Lifetime certificate holders are not required to participate in MOC to remain certified by ABPN; however, those who choose to participate are designated as “Meeting MOC Requirements” on ABPN verifyCERT®.

Verification of a diplomate’s current board certification status can be accessed at no charge on the ABPN verifyCERT® certification and status verification system.