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Psychiatry Certification Demonstration Exam

(At this time, ABPN recommends using only desktop and laptop computers running Windows or macOS operating systems that meet or exceed the minimum specifications. Tablets and touchscreens are not supported.)

The purpose of this Psychiatry Certification Demonstration Exam is to provide you with an opportunity to practice taking a computer-based examination and become familiar with the interface, functionalities, and types of questions you will find on an operational examination. This is a close representation of an operational examination but not an operational examination itself. You will not be able to review your answers or receive a score after you have completed the demonstration exam. Additional information about the operational examination format, question types, and scoring mechanisms, can be found on the Format and Scoring document on the Psychiatry Certification Exam webpage.

This demonstration exam is timed to take 70 minutes. It contains a five-minute non-disclosure agreement, a 60-minute examination containing four sections of questions, and a five-minute survey. The features demonstrated in this demonstration examination include, but are not limited to:

Due to limitations of the demonstration examination platform, the following features of an operational examination will differ from this demonstration examination:

1. Functionality of linked-item (previously vignette) sections

In an operational examination: Once you answer a question in a linked-item set and advance to the next question, your answer is locked and cannot be changed, although you can select the previous button to go back and review previously answered questions within a section.
In the demonstration examination: Once you answer a question in a linked-item set and move to the next question, your answer is NOT locked. You may change the answers to previous questions within a section.

Note that, in both the operational examinations and demonstration examination, there is no Item Review screen after linked-item set sections.

2. Break Functionalities

In an operational examination: Optional breaks are available at the end of each section of questions. You will be presented with a break screen dialog box informing you of how much break time is available and how many breaks remain in the examination. On the break screen, you will select whether or not you want to take a break at that moment.
In the demonstration examination: There are NO break functionalities. As such, when you complete a section, you will NOT be presented with a break screen but rather the next section of questions.

A flow chart is provided below to illustrate how breaks work during an operational examination. Please review it to prepare yourself for the break screens during a live examination. Click each blue box within the flow chart to preview the actual break screens.

The demonstration examination is a tool for examinees to practice taking an actual examination. It is not an operational examination. It does not have all the functions available in an operational examination. The content coverage and the difficulty level of the questions in the demonstration examination are not an exact presentation of what is in an operational examination. In addition, the Demonstration Examination is not scored. If you believe this demonstration examination will not benefit you or will negatively affect your performance in an operational examination, please do not take the demonstration examination. If you would like to proceed with taking the demonstration examination, click START DEMO EXAM.


Please contact if you have any questions, comments, or experience difficulties with the Demonstration Examination.