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Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

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2014 MOC: PQRS and the MOC Matters Website
Visit the MOC Matters Website to fulfill and document your 2014 MOC and PQRS requirements. It consists of the MOC: PQRS Attestation Module, the PQRS Registry Module and the Patient Experience of Care Survey Module. As an added feature, the freestanding Patient Survey Module is available to diplomates of all Member Boards, whether or not the diplomates are participating in MOC:PQRS. The Website also includes an updated MOC:PQRS Facts & FAQs.
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Quarterly Update: April - June, 2013
Please feel free to contact the ABPN with any questions.

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Top Questions for the Quarter: April - June, 2013

These FAQs are a collection of common questions resulting from tradeshows, phone calls and submitted questions from the ABPN website. The ABPN sends out a quarterly email to subscribers highlighting new questions and features that provide helpful insight when applying for an examination and tips for maintaining certification.

1. How to determine if you are in 10-YR MOC or C-MOC?
2. How to show that a diplomate is meeting MOC requirements?
3. Where can I find information about ABPN-Approved SA, CME, PIP Products, PIP Feedback Products?

1. How to determine if you are in 10-YR MOC or C-MOC?arrow

All subspecialty certificates, except child and adolescent psychiatry, and all other certificates issued after 1994 were issued with a ten year expiration. In order to renew those certificates, the diplomate is required to take a recertification, or MOC examination before the expiration date. Beginning in 2010, a requirement was added that MOC activities had to be completed as a prerequisite to sit for the MOC exam. The number and types of MOC activities are being phased in until the requirements are fully implemented in 2017. The final MOC activity requirements will be:

  • 300 category-1 CME credits
  • 80 of the CME credits must involve self-assessment
  • 3 Performance in Practice modules

This is the 10-YR MOC program.

Maintenance of Certification is intended as a way to document your life long learning activities. Through feedback and experience it was decided that the best way to help diplomates continuously participate in life long learning would be to spread the MOC activity requirements out over the ten year life of the certificate. For logistical reasons the decision was made to group the MOC activity requirements in three-year blocks. Because of this, the MOC activities would no longer be a prerequisite to sit for an exam but, instead, would be an independent requirement to maintain certification. The diplomate is still required to also take an MOC exam every ten years. This is the continuous life long learning program (C-MOC).

In order to transition everyone over to C-MOC, anyone who passed an exam (certification or maintenance of certification) in 2012, or later, is automatically enrolled in the C-MOC program. The first three-year block begins the year after the exam. So, for example, if you passed your certification exam in 2012, your first three-year block of required MOC activities would begin in 2013.

For diplomates with subspecialty, or multiple, certifications this can become somewhat confusing. Once you are enrolled in the C-MOC program, the C-MOC rules apply to ALL of your certificates, even those that were issued prior to 2012. Any MOC activities that you do will apply toward all of your certifications.

If you are not sure which program you are currently in, the simplest way to determine it is to log into the ABPN Physician Folios system. On the main page there is a line titled Maintenance of Certification. After the title, if the first menu choice is MOC Main Menu, then you are still in the 10-YR MOC. If you are in the C-MOC, your only menu choice will be Continuous Maintenance of Certification.

2. How to show that a diplomate is meeting MOC requirements?arrow

For diplomates in the C-MOC program, their certification is "contingent on meeting MOC requirements". The concern expressed by some diplomates is how they can show that they are meeting MOC requirements. 

One way is through the ABPN verifyCERT® Web site. If the diplomate looks up their information, it will show their current certification status. By clicking on the View Details link, it will open a screen that will show whether the diplomate is meeting MOC requirements.

A second way is through the ABPN Physician Folios system. After logging into the system, the diplomate can click on the Continuous Maintenance of Certification link. This will take them to an MOC summary page. If the diplomate is maintaining their certification, there will be a link near the bottom of the page titled "Print my ABPN Maintenance of Certification Certificate". By clicking on this link, the system will display a certificate that the diplomate can print showing that they are meeting MOC requirements.

3. Where can I find information about ABPN-Approved CME, SA and PIP Products?arrow

ABPN-approved products have been reviewed by the ABPN and have been shown to satisfy the criteria for MOC activities. Other activities that satisfy those criteria, but have not been approved by the ABPN may also be used to fulfill the MOC requirements. For a full list of the MOC activity requirements, click here to visit our Maintenance of Certification overview page. Beginning in 2014, diplomates are required to use only ABPN-approved products for Self-Assessment and Performance in Practice activities.

A list of the ABPN-Approved products can be found on www.abpn.com in the left sidebar tab for "Approved Products". You can select to view "All Approved Products" or select the products for a specific specialty or subspecialty.

While these products have been reviewed and approved by the ABPN as satisfying MOC activity requirements, the products are each the responsibility of the organization offering the product. Specific questions about the product, including costs and availability, should be directed to the sponsoring organization.