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Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

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2014 MOC: PQRS and the MOC Matters Website
Visit the MOC Matters Website to fulfill and document your 2014 MOC and PQRS requirements. It consists of the MOC: PQRS Attestation Module, the PQRS Registry Module and the Patient Experience of Care Survey Module. As an added feature, the freestanding Patient Survey Module is available to diplomates of all Member Boards, whether or not the diplomates are participating in MOC:PQRS. The Website also includes an updated MOC:PQRS Facts & FAQs.
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Quarterly Update: January - March, 2013
Please feel free to contact the ABPN with any questions.

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Top Questions for the Quarter: January - March, 2013

These FAQs are a collection of common questions resulting from tradeshows, phone calls and submitted questions from the ABPN website. The ABPN sends out a quarterly email to subscribers highlighting new questions and features that provide helpful insight when applying for an examination and tips for maintaining certification. Subscribe NOW to keep apprised of new information pertaining to initial certification and maintenance of certification (MOC).

1. What is Continuous Pathway to Lifelong Learning (C-MOC)?
2. What is ABPN Physician Folios?
3. How to find an application?

1. What is the Continuous Pathway to Lifelong Learning (C-MOC)?arrow

Beginning in 2012, all diplomates that pass their initial certification or MOC examination will be awarded a certificate in their specialty and will be automatically enrolled in Continuous Pathway to Lifelong Learning (CP-MOC). Enrollment will include paying an annual fee and participating in MOC activities. Click here for a listing of all ABPN Approved MOC products.

2. What is ABPN Physician Folios?arrow

ABPN Physician Folios is for candidates and diplomates. It offers a single source for information pertinent to a physician at all the various stages of a relationship with the ABPN - from resident through seasoned diplomate engaged in MOC. Likewise, ABPN Physician Folios provides a dynamic conduit for important data exchange such as making updates to personal contact information, updating medical license information, contact information, applying and paying for an examination, etc. Click here to activate an account or login.

3. How to find an applicationarrow

An application can be found by selecting your specialty/subspecialty, then clicking "Application Materials" at the top of the page.

Video Tutorial for finding an application

This instructional video will show you how to get find an application. In this sample, the focus will be on psychiatry that has a PDF application and a link to ABPN Physician Folios to apply and pay for an examination online.

Video narrative:
A written narrative of this video is also available to download pdf

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by Michael Ring

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